Contemporary Living In The Helderberg

Before buying off-plan, Linda Erasmus, CEO of CEO of Fine & County, Sub-Saharan Africa, says that buyers should take close look at the aim of the development. Taking Mzuri – a secure estate situated in the heart of Somerset West – as an example, Erasmus says that potential buyer was profiled as someone who loves to live a life where convenience, security and a modern lifestyle are entangled into the design.

“The convenience factor includes distance that the residents have to travel to shops of their choice, medical suites where residents can find an array of specialists, schools that relate to the best education offered and amenities that fit the lifestyle of a stylish society,” she explains.

Eramus elaborates by saying that young professionals are mostly looking for a home that allows for easy coming and going, assisting them in a happier life in the fast lane. “Simple and practical has become the luxury for these young entrepreneurs. And as such, Mzuri has taken into account ways in which to streamline a fast-paced life, with a gym, internet, security, telephony and eco-friendly technology. One can clearly see how the developer built extras in, adding to what today’s buyer in the fast lane really wants,” she says.

Mzuri is ideally placed in the natural beauty of Somerset West, an area that offers a quality lifestyle within easy reach from world-class golf courses, wines estates and nature reserves, to a moderate climate, lovely beaches and tourist attractions.

It boasts a clubhouse with a 25m indoor swimming pool, as well as a kiddies splash pool, while the wifi-enabled conference room and meeting/work space is available for business people who need this facility so that early or late meetings can be a stone’s throw from home. There is also a restaurant/bar lounge with a viewing deck

“With faster lifestyles giving everyone less time to commute, a clubhouse offering the opportunity to relax, exercise, work and socialise leads to better utilisation of personal time. Individuals needing to fit these aspects into their tight schedules do find these features very beneficial,” says Erasmus.

Included in the levy are the costs of gym membership, internet, security, telephony and eco-friendly technology. The high speed fibre optic connectivity available at Mzuri will allow the family to enjoy a more consistent and faster internet.

Added to the convenience elements incorporated into the estate, there are various cost-effective features that make Mzuri all the more appealing. Erasmus explains: “The cost of energy will be lower due to the various energy saving systems and the architectural design. The overall cost of security, internet, gym membership and telephony will be lower when packaged together in the levy than if one were to purchase these services separately. Use of facilities onsite including business spaces and the gym will also save residents on travel costs.”

Speaking about the energy efficient technologies that have been incorporated into Mzuri, Erasmus explains that these technologies lower the carbon footprint and thereby the cost to the man in the street, for example, the use of solar panels, batteries as well as architectural design elements whereby requirements for cooling and heating are optimised.

At Mzuri, the eco-friendly features and technologies include solar panels to reduce energy consumption as well as solar-assisted geysers. In addition, the architect incorporated an efficient recycling system whereby vegetation, glass, steel, plastic waste is all discarded correctly. Waste water plumbing will separate grey water from black water. The grey water will be treated and stored on site for drip irrigation purposes and each residential erf will be supplied with a sealed irrigation point. All homes are north facing and designed for maximum protection from the wind.

Erasmus describes the architecture as contemporary, as the home designs have created light-filled spaces with clean lines and modern finishes. “The inspired architectural design showcases aesthetics which meets functionality through imaginative interiors and environmentally conscious features. All homes are north facing, light filled and space optimised,” she says. “The architectural design has been professionally and carefully planned, taking all potential pitfalls into account, including the layout of spaces so that privacy is enjoyed.”

Each home is also fitted with state-of-the-art appliances including gas hobs, with optional extras including air-conditioners, ceiling fans, combustion fireplaces, American shutters, roller blinds, fully furnished homes, off-grid photovoltaic system with battery backup, swimming pool, synthetic grass, full turnkey smeg solution, irrigation system and heated towel rails.

Mzuri will be one of the most secured estates in the Western Cape. Erasmus says that the latest generation technology will be installed across the security network. “This includes access control, monitoring and manned security at the entrances to the estate and perimeter security in the form of electric fencing and thermal cameras. Both entrances will be controlled by biometrics, visitor management and manned security. Management of the security network will be conducted both on and off site. Each home will be fitted with an intercom system connected to the onsite control room so as to assist with rapid response.”

Priced from R2,7million, homes within this security estate meet the demands for modern living. Mzuri is ideally suited to a range of buyers, from young professionals looking for lock-up-and-go convenience and middle age buyers looking to downscale from large homes, to small families with a fast living lifestyle and the elderly not wanting to move to a retirement village. The homes within Mzuri are also well suited to foreigners who spend a few months of the year in South Africa as well as investors looking for stable tenancy and reasonable return on investment or high return through short term rentals offering luxurious accommodation.

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