Introducing the premier lifestyle estate in the historical town of Somerset West.

Mzuri Estate, nestled on the slopes of the Hottentots Holland Mountain range, and facing toward the dramatic sweep of False Bay, offers refined, contemporary, and inspired living for the discerning investor.

This property development in Somerset West is advantageously designed to be north facing and ideally located to inspire outdoor living. The architectural ethos allows for contemporary open plan design without compromising the sense of privacy investors value. Optimised with energy efficient technologies, and connected through a high-speed fibre network, the estate and all the facilities are geared to the modern family.



68 single and double storey 2– and 3-bedroom freestanding homes showcase inspired architectural design. Here aesthetics meet functionality through imaginative interiors, environmentally conscious features, modern fitted appliances, and high speed fibre to the home.



32 opulent duplex units are included in this residential development in the Western Cape. Each is meticulously designed to incorporate a sense of privacy whilst enjoying outdoor living. Optimised with energy efficient technologies and connected through a high-speed fibre network, the estate and all the facilities are geared to the modern family.



Mzuri’s luxury apartment offering, Imbali, is comprised of six separate and exclusive residential buildings. The modern upmarket development totals 136 beautifully designed 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom and 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom units, ranging between 48m² and 90m² in size. Each apartment includes basement parking, covered patio and built-in braai.



At the heart of Mzuri Estate is the vibrant clubhouse, with a private sports centre, meeting spaces and providing a variety of lifestyle amenities. Unwind after work with a series of laps in our undercover pool, while your children play safely in the splash pool. A fully equipped gym allows the opportunity to work out at your convenience.



Why live on a security estate in Somerset West? For the opportunity to enjoy your life with style. Positioned on prime property and constructed to enhance its unique surroundings, it is only natural that Mzuri Estate offers the best of indoor and outdoor living. Walking paths and running tracks meander through the estate, with fitness equipment positioned along the route to challenge all levels. Parks with play areas are scattered throughout the estate, creating the ideal environment for childhood development through outdoor playtime.


Fibre to the home has fast become a standard utility in modern living. Mzuri Estate offers best of breed integrated services, where voice, data & connectivity seamlessly enhance your lifestyle. Running off of the preinstalled open access fibre optic backbone, each residential unit will be required to contract a minimum of 10MBPS uncapped ISP service. An access point in each unit makes your home Wi-fi capable for 2-3 users. Pre-cabled DSTV overlay on the fibre, allows you effortless access, without a dish installation. A Maximum speed of 1GBPS will be available as an independent service to each individual residence. Expect seamless and adaptable telecommunications to keep up with this ever-evolving market.


Mzuri is Somerset West’s new security estate in the Western Cape, and to cement its position, new generation technology has been installed across its security network. The perimeter of the 46 hectare estate is secured with electrical fencing and strategically positioned thermal cameras. There are two main entrances both controlled by biometrics, visitor management and manned security. Onsite and offsite control rooms oversee the network. Each home is fitted with an intercom system that connects to the onsite control room, so as to assist with our rapid response deployment.


Outdoor spaces are an integral part of the Mzuri lifestyle experience. Landscape design has been approached from the perspective that Mzuri has a unique character which portrays quality. Our ethos is to create a satisfying and practical balance between aesthetic values, security and sustainability. This is achieved through innovative soft and hard landscaping design and specifications such as locally indigenous water-wise planting, low maintenance hard landscaping elements and recycled grey water for irrigation purposes.

The landscaped green spaces are purposeful, providing active and passive recreation experiences and are accessible to all residents.

A collection of 12 outdoor fitness workout stations will be integrated into the shared outdoor spaces. The supplier of the outdoor fitness range is World Outdoor Fitness, a leader in the industry. The aim is to provide choices and variety that make exercising engaging and exciting. The work out stations are integrated with a paved 1km jogging and walking track, allowing residents to combine aerobic, core and interval training in a variety of exercise sequences.

Two playgrounds are designed to engage young and old in outdoor play and relaxation. Quality playground design supports early childhood development and provides fun interaction for the young and young at heart.

Each playground will have a jungle gym, slide and free play lawn area surrounded by a safe route designed for wheeled toys and bicycles. Shaded seating areas for carers and parents overlook the play areas.


Mzuri Residential Estate has initiated an efficient recycling system. Various compartments will be implemented to ensure all recyclable materials such as, vegetation, glass, steel, plastic, waste and organic matter is discarded correctly.

To reduce carbon footprint, alternative energy can be provided as an optional extra. Dependent on the available roof space, renewable energy by means of photovoltaic installation can be provided which will include energy storage. The renewable energy system will be designed in such a manner to provide optimum alternative energy consumption, utilizing aesthetically pleasing slim line, high quality, A-grade PV solar modules with Panasonic LiFe (Li-ion) batteries.

The wastewater plumbing at each residential unit, as well as the clubhouse will be installed such that the grey water (from baths, showers, washbasins and washing machines) and the black water (from toilets and kitchen sink) will be kept apart from each other. The grey water outflow will be conveyed through a separate reticulation network to an onsite grey water treatment/purification plant. The treated outflow from the plant will be stored onsite for irrigation purposes in the estate and each residential erf will be supplied with a sealed irrigation point. Homeowners can therefore connect a drip irrigation system, installed to a standard controlled by the estate management, to the grey water irrigation network for the use of the treated water for irrigation purposes – at no cost. The treated water will be purified to a standard which is suitable for irrigation purposes, but not for potable use.


Mzuri Residential Estate has initiated an efficient recycling system. Various compartments will be implemented to ensure all recyclable materials such as vegetation, glass, steel, plastic, waste, and organic matter are discarded correctly.

Applying standard City of Cape Town electricity tariffs, it is estimated that as much as 25%-60% of electricity costs can be saved annually. These savings are affected by the following variables:

  • System size
  • Battery size
  • Orientation of PV modules on roof
  • Energy consumption habits of homeowner
  • Seasonal fluctuations of solar energy generated
  • Daily cycling of stored battery energy

Considering different homeowner’s energy consumption habits, the renewable energy system is offered as three options, providing homeowners with the flexibility to apply a system based on their individual energy consumption habits. For the energy-efficient homeowner, there is a 2.4kWp system with a 2kWh LiFe battery which can be increased to a 4kWh LiFe battery. The next system available is a 3.6kWp system with a 4kWh LiFe battery which can be increased to a 6kWh LiFe battery. The largest system available is a 5.4kWp system with a 4kWh LiFe battery which can also be increased to 6kWh.

The system is engineered to ensure maximum self-consumption of all renewable energy generated and to operate as back-up power in the event of grid failure. The amount of power available during back-up is a variable and is affected by the following:

  • System size
  • Battery size
  • Energy available in battery at time of grid failure

All systems come with cloud based monitoring which can be easily connected to your WiFi network and allow for the homeowner to track their energy generation, consumption and receive alarms for specific events.